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On 3/2/08 4:07 PM, "Mateusz Biliński" <mateusz.bilinski at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> Google Summer of Code 2008 is really close. So I've thought of
> applying for a project connected to Gajim client - being more
> specific: implementing whiteboard. I've already talked to Asterix
> about it and he thinks this would be a really nice feature. He pointed
> me out here to ask whether there is any official (or at least
> recommended) way to do this.
> So I've done my homework and read all the discussion I have found on
> this list regarding 'whiteboard xmpp specification' - especially
> discussion that took place in August last year. Below is my attempt to
> summarize this briefly:
> * there are a few implementations working already (i.e. Concinella,
> Psi by Joonas Govenius, the one in Inkscape) but these are _not
> interoperable_
> * there were a few attempts to build a specification. I list them
> below in the order (I think) they've appeared:
> The oldest (last update:2001) approach to specify a standard for
> whiteboard (I don't suppose this is used. but I'm not sure):
> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/whiteboard2.html
> the date is incorrect. it is actually 2006/2007 timeframe.. And is in heavily
> use both with my organization and several others in the US Government.
> You can download our XMPP client (TransVerse) from https://xmpp.je.jfcom.mil
> We also have a Jive OpenFire plugin that you can also download that supports
> large group based whiteboarding and presentations.
> We have tested this over low bandwidth satellite communications with over 100
> concurrent users.
> No formal decision has been made within the XMPP community on whether SXDE or
> our approach is the correct one.
> Our approach does solve the concurrency problem of SXDE without complex user
> interaction issues and it can handle the history/chunking problem.
> boyd
>> XEP-0113: Simple Whiteboarding (this one's deferred)
>> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0113.html
>> An SVG Based Whiteboard Format (this could be used with the next one
>> -sxde - to build a standarized whiteboard?):
>> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/whiteboard.html
>> Shared XML Document Editing (a generalized approach, I suppose this
>> one was substituted by the next one):
>> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sxde.html
>> Shared XML Editing (This is by far the most recent approach - this is
>> going to a fundamental standard for all applications of shared XML
>> editing. This is the one that team is currently working on.):
>> http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sxe.html
>> * stated above there are two types of discussions around:
>>   - whether the 'shared XML editing' isn't too generalized approach
>> for whiteboard (but AFAIK this SXE would only be a common _base part_
>> for all    applications that would use shared editing - or am I
>> wrong?)
>>   - how to solve concurrency problems, especially when users attempt
>> to edit the same object in parallel
>> I think this would be it. Maybe I have missed something - if so,
>> please point this out.
>> Finally here are my two questions:
>> - what is currently _the best way_ to implement whiteboard (in this
>> case in Gajim). Should it be based on SX(D)E? Or maybe it should be
>> based on currently working implementations in other clients so that it
>> could interoperate with them? (I guess the first one is more sensible
>> in current situation)
>> - what are the chances that this project will be chosen by XSF for
>> GSoC2008. What I am worried about is whether currently there is any
>> sense in implementing this if there is no official specification for
>> whiteboard. What I mean is that I would really like to do this, but
>> what is XSF opinion about this.
>> My current proposal would be to implement SX(D)E in Gajim as
>> whiteboard and point out pitfalls that I fall in to during coding
>> which could help build a specification draft. But I suppose Jonnas
>> Govenius is working on this in Psi, so this falls back again to the
>> question: is this project sensible for GSoC in XSF opinion.
>> Thank you for your answers in advance.
>> --
>> Regards -- Mateusz Biliński

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