[Standards] Negative priority

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Sun Mar 9 16:44:01 UTC 2008


I'm playing with bots with negative priority (you'll find one running  
under my own JID) for automation.

What I've been noticing is that clients are not ready for this. Most  
of them show my account as online when the only resource online is  
the bot.

I would like to write a best practices XEP on how to deal with  
negative priority resources, but I'm still not quite sure what  
exactly are those best practices :).

So far, I think its fair to say that a negative priority resource  
should be considered a "not for chat" or a "non-IM" resource, and  
therefore should not be taken in account when deciding if the contact  
is online.

Yet, those accounts needs to be "online" for Ad-hoc commands and to  
take advantage of special capabilities that they offer. For example,  
I could offer a "free time service" on a resource that has access to  
my calendars.

Maybe we should clarify that "online" can be "online for IM" and  
"online for Automation", and that clients, if they support only IM,  
should just ignore negative resources.

Anyway, I'm not sure myself of what is best, but I think that we  
should have something about this.

Any opinions on this?

Best regards,
Pedro Melo
Blog: http://www.simplicidade.org/notes/
XMPP ID: melo at simplicidade.org

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