[Standards] Originator & Receiver Concept

Max Indelicato MIndelicato at g8wave.com
Thu Mar 13 17:27:56 UTC 2008



I'd like to make sure before going forward with my XMPP server design,
that I have one particular basic concept absolutely correct. 


Consider the following: 


We have Server1 and Server2. Both servers are using TLS and SASL.


Server1 connects to Server2 as originator to receiver. Server1 knows
Server2's hostname so it can refer to that connection by Server2's
hostname from here on out. An exchange of TLS and SASL is completed.


Now it is Server2's turn to connect to Server1 as originator to
receiver. Server2 is doing this in response to Server1's connection as
originator to Server2 as receiver, from before. When Server1 connected
to Server2, Server1 already knew the hostname to connect to. However,
Server2 is now connecting to Server1 as a response to Server1 connecting
to Server2, so how does Server2 know what Server1's hostname is, so that
it may connect as an originator and populate the "to" field in the
initial stream header?


I know I'm missing something basic here. Maybe there's an exchange of
information that tells each side what each other's hostname is?


Any help is appreciated!





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