[Standards] Originator & Receiver Concept

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Thu Mar 13 22:03:36 UTC 2008

On Thursday 13 March 2008 11:48 am, Max Indelicato wrote:
> I guess my question is, how does each server know who is who? How does each
> server associate an IP/port combo with a hostname ("example.com")? Is there
> a lookup done? And if so, is there a standard way of doing that?
> So, say that Server1 connects to Server2 as originator to receiver via TCP.
> Server1 then sends the initiating stream with the 'to' field set as
> "example.com", but DOESN'T send a 'from' field identifying itself. How does
> Server2 know what the originator hostname is? I know that Server2 knows
> Server1's IP, so does Server2 do a DNS lookup to figure out what Server1's
> IP resolves to (i.e Server1's hostname)?

If using SASL, Server1 indicates its identity by authenticating with SASL.  
Mainly this would work by using TLS authentication, and then SASL EXTERNAL 
with the domain (e.g. "example.com") as the authzid.

If using Dialback, Server1 indicates its identity with the 'from' attribute in 
the <db:result> element.


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