[Standards] XEP-0060 + "Atom over XMPP" as base for Open Twitter?

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Mon May 5 16:13:51 UTC 2008

>  Ah... ok... In fact I still don't understand what is twitter. Or rather I
> think I understand according to what you explain, but the point is that I
> don't understand the goal/interest.

Well, you could ask the same for blogging: why is that useful?
Microblogging has exactly the same use: you tell something to the
world, and get (public) comments from other people on what you have to
say. The difference is that you do more of it, but write much less (so
people have to do much less reading, but have to read more different
items). This property makes it possible to create very low-overhead
ways of posting and reading micro-blogs (e.g. by using a cell phone),
which is something you can't do with blogs.

IMO, microblogging is to blogging what IM is to mail:
- Small size, large quantity (versus larger yet fewer messages)
- User interfaces that allow much quicker sending of messages (versus
interfaces that are targeted at more lengthier, fewer messages)
- Meant to be volatile (versus more persistent and archivable)

But anyway, getting off-topic now.


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