[Standards] stream restarts

Stephen Pendleton stephenpendleton at hotmail.com
Thu May 8 17:55:31 UTC 2008

> From: ghudson at MIT.EDU> To: standards at xmpp.org> Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 13:31:38 -0400> Subject: Re: [Standards] stream restarts> These are not compelling reasons to introduce a change to a protocol> already in wide use. You cannot "clean up" an existing protocol, only> make it messier by introducing transition issues.> > 
Obviously it is compelling enough to some or we wouldnt be discussing it. You can accurately say these are not compelling reasons to YOU, but that is all.
You certainly can clean up a protocol, it's done all the time. There shouldnt be any transistion issues because the change will be backward compatible, however new implementations that don't need to interoperate with the previous behavior will benefit (and new systems like this are coming out all the time). It does make existing implementations that need to incorporate both behaviors a bit messier though!
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