[Standards] Scale or not?

Tobias Markmann tmarkmann at googlemail.com
Thu May 15 11:50:07 UTC 2008

On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 7:17 PM, Justin Karneges <
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> On Monday 05 May 2008 9:04 am, Eric Th wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > XMPP defines multi-server communication for cross domain scenario,
> > What about multi-machine for single domain scenario, Or is this just a
> > problem of various server implemetations?
> A single XMPP domain can be scaled across many machines.  All the major
> server implementations support this.  However, there is no standard
> protocol
> for communication between machines in a single-domain scenario.  This means
> if you are clustering many machines for a single domain, you cannot mix and
> match server types (e.g. you can't have ejabberd on one node and Openfire
> on
> another node), but I don't think anyone really considers this a problem.
> -Justin

Would there any measurable advantage of having Openfire or whatever nodes in
a cluster of ejabberd nodes? Clustering is rather complex software scenario
where the servers need to interact in high performance and reliably to
guarantee high quality service. The implementations need to be optimized to
work together which might get quite hard for different server architecture
designs and implementation environments.

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