[Standards] New XMPP Use Case: Private Media Networks

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Tue May 20 19:28:34 UTC 2008


I wrote a first draft of a possible XMPP extension which opens new use
cases for XMPP. But before I go into details, let me introduce
myself: my name is Dirk Meyer and I work at the TZI which is part of
the University of Bremen. My doctor thesis is about media networks and
possible new use cases if all devices of a user can interact with each

Unlike a HTTP based approach like UPnP, XMPP provides a much better
core for what I call a "Personal Media Network". My first (not
finished) draft can be found at


Before finishing it and sending it to the XMPP council I want to ask on
this list for some opinions about it. It clearly uses XMPP in a way
XMPP was not indented to be used, but it could be the base for new use
cases (examples of such use cases are in the document).

Besides working at the TZI I'm also maintainer of the Freevo project
and want to use the XMPP based private network as communication
between different media applications inside Freevo. I already have a
small Python based XMPP implementation specially designed for this use
cases (not in public svn yet).

So, if you have some free minutes, please take a look at my draft and
tell me what you think about this idea.



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