[Standards] Pub/Sub & RSS

Kelly S kellyrocks at live.ca
Thu May 22 00:26:47 UTC 2008

Hi all. I am just getting back into XMPP after a few years away from it and I am digging into the Pub/Sub XEP. I am looking for a bit of feedback. I am writting the service which will pull data from RSS and "publish" it via Jabber. However I need a way to relate the unique RSS url to the XMPP pub/sub name so that I know where to store these every time. In the leaf node would I place the RSS url in the <item node="">? This doesn't sound too intuitive because I imagine some Pub/Sub "browsers" use this as the node name, is this correct? This would look ugly if you had http://www.site.com/rss.xml and 100's of others in there lol. I don't think the nodename necessarily needs to be the unique identifier. I'm sure I am just understanding wrong :) Any clarification would be great! Thanks!
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