[Standards] About XEP 0231

Marcus Lundblad ml at update.uu.se
Thu May 29 05:50:56 UTC 2008


I should probably begin by introducing myself. My name is Marcus.

I have recently been looking at XEP 0231, escpecially the part about
sending an embedded image in an XHTML-IM stanza.
Using this specification, I have implemented support in Pidgin
(libpurple) to use the infrastructure there used for "custom smiley
support" (at this point only for MSN protocol) to implement use-case 3.1
of the XEP.
There is one thing that is a bit of a concern. In current versions of
Pidgin, the img tags in XHTML-IM messages are completly ignored,
resulting in an empty message in the case of a message consisting of
only one such emoticon image.

What would be nice was if there was a way for the client to advertise
support for displaying such images. Then it could either just send the
text representation, or completely disable using those emoticons in such

What do you think? AFAIK the XEP is still being worked on...


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