[Standards] Jingle: one RTP application type to bind them all?

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Fri May 30 19:24:32 UTC 2008

Paul Witty wrote:
 > I'm in favour of simplifying things down so that there's as much in
> common between audio/video channels as possible.  Though the use of the
> word "one" in the above paragraph seems to suggest a single RTP channel,
> implying all media being received on a single UDP port.  This would be a
> bad idea at least where doing Jingle <-> SIP gateways is concerned, as
> SIP uses separate UDP streams for each content type, so the gateway
> would have to inspect each packet incoming on the Jingle side to
> determine the payload type to send it out on the correct port.

Yeah, I don't think Peter meant to say the same channel... :P The idea
is just using the same negotiation namespaces and XEP to describe all
RTP media content, be it audio or video. We'd lose in so many ways by
doing anything other than staying compatible with SDP here. It's just
not a correct use of RTP to pretend that switching payload type is
switching media type too.


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