[Standards] XMPP Schemas errors

ricky ricky rl71084 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 03:10:09 UTC 2008


I am writing a message listener that would listen (on a socket) for message
comming out of an Openfire server #1 on one host to Openfire server #2 on
another host.
Openfire server #1 is configured to send the chat message to the message
listener and the message listener would read the message (thru a socket) and
forward the message to openfire server # 2.  I am using JAXB binding
compiler (xbj) to generate a set of Java classes from the XMPP XML Schemas
and unmarshalling incomming xml message to the corsponding Java class.

I am having problem generating the Java classes from the XMPP schemas
(downloaded from xmpp.org) because some of the shemas contain errors.  A few
of the shemas that I looked at that contains errors are
"component-accept.xsd", "x-data.xsd", "component-connect.xsd",
"eature-neg.xsd", etc..  Anyone know where I can find  error free XMPP

Appreciate for any help.

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