[Standards] Event for the 10th birthday of XMPP

Jehan Jehan.3ismtf at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Thu Nov 13 03:01:16 UTC 2008


as it has been mentionned in some place (among others, here:
http://www.jabber.org/web/Secure_Communications_Week ), the 4th of
january 2009 will be the 10th birthday of XMPP. I thought it could be a
good occasion to organize an event to advertise this protocol. Some wide
event, both technical but also generalist would be a good thing, in my
opinion. After discussion with some people about this, we conclude that
it could be even worldwide (not obligatory exactly at the same time), in
different places all over several countries.

For my own, for France, I (with the help of anyone wishing to) would be
ready to organize one in Paris, not only because it is the capitale of
France, but also because I live there. Of course for this to be very
interesting and a success, I think that having the help from people from
the community but also from the XSF is mandatory. Indeed I think this is
worth it only if it is an important event...

So first of all, before going further, what do people here think of
this idea?


P.S.: I was not sure where to post this. This mailing list is maybe not
the most appropriate place, but there is no "general discussion" ml.
Moreover it is probably better for this discussion to begin public (even
though we may also discuss this in the member ml).

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