[Standards] Event for the 10th birthday of XMPP

Jehan Jehan.3it5zb at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Thu Nov 13 09:55:54 UTC 2008


other people had similar ideas too, that's not so astonishing and
probably gives a hint that it must be a good idea! ;-) Anyway what I see
in this blog you gave the url is that Jack Moffitt proposes an
online-only event. For my own, I wanted a physical event, even though I
also thought there could be an online part of it. Like a central muc
opened for this specific day, where people could participate, and there
could have been a big screen above the conference places. With webcams
(Jingle?!), they could follow what happens to the different events.
Hence people all over the world could follow all the events, ask
questions and discuss (even when they cannot move to one of the place it
is organized)... That's about XMPP after all!

That was still just an "idea", not thought throughout...

And for the place to discuss this, let's keep this as the main place
for now... Moreover I think such an event should not be


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