[Standards] roster sequencing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Sep 4 15:16:05 UTC 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Pavel Simerda wrote:
>> Just a sidenote to the roster sequencing...
>> There are clients (e.g. Gajim) that ask for
>> vCard right now to show user avatars.
>> In future the usual flow might be that the client
>> asks sequentially for various user information via
>> some PubSub/PEP requests.
>> IMO we should not forget this when designing protocols
>> for optimization. We might want to unify roster-optimization
>> with PEP/PubSub optimization.
> There is probably also optimization we can do with disco#items (think of 
> large result sets for things like chatrooms at a MUC service).

The question is: do we want one approach to sequencing (reusable for 
rosters, pubsub, disco, and perhaps other things) or one approach for 
rosters, one approach for pubsub, one approach for disco? It seems best 
to use something generic if we can.


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