[Standards] Stanza Size Limits (was Re: [jdev] Communicate between two client instances of the same ID)

Fabio Forno fabio.forno at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 15:19:24 UTC 2008

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> We need roster sequencing. And especially I do. :) So please provide some
> feedback on XEP-0237.

XEP is fine, once supported by the servers. I'd just need to verify
whether it is feasible to implement it also with a connection manager
with little effort, since as a mobile client developer I don't expect
all servers implementing these optimizations in a short time.
Therefore, if the server doesn't support them, a connection manager
may overcome the problem.

> In current implementations (AFAIK), stanzas that you exchange directly with
> your server (e.g., roster, vCard) are exempt from the stanza size limits.
> But if you try to send a big stanza to someone else, the limit is enforced.
> Among other things, this means that you can upload a big vCard but if
> someone tries to retrieve it the request will fail.

If there is a limit I'd like to never receive larger packets (if my
client is running on limited device there might be serious problems of


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