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Jehan Jehan.3fgs9z at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Tue Sep 9 09:48:31 UTC 2008

Why did you change this all? I am not speaking about Apache/lighthttpd,
this is rather transparent, but why the Drupal to Mediawiki update?

I was not fond of the new website, many things were to be improved,
that's for sure. But I was confident it was going to be improved with
the time, like good wine is getting better with time. That's also normal
when you begin something new that's it's not immediately perfect. And
some good things were appearing, the list were becoming more
interesting, etc. . And then you just go back to zero?! I don't really
understand the point here...

Anyway I guess this is too late now and you won't go back. So we will
just to have to do with this new thing. 
Just 2 last questions:

1/ is the design remaining of the new jabber.org's website like this?
It is sufficient for me in an "efficiency" point of view, but i don't
find it so nice in a "beauty" point of view. Not really appealing for
people discovering Jabber (the Drupal version was nicer, at least in my
point of view)...

2/ As a pretty new member, I am not really updated to all the
organization and process of the Foundation. For this kind of thing, do
the member have a "voice" (maybe not a vote, but at least a discussion
where we could give our opinion and tell we don't think this is a good
idea... before it is done and too late!)?

If so has there been an announcement of this change somewhere? And
finally, so that I understand how I missed this annoucement: where are
such announcements done? Only in mailing lists? Could there be a
summarized page somewhere of all important topic at hand in the
Foundation: proposition of changes, votes, etc.?



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