[Standards] Best approach for Shared XML editing

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Sep 11 16:20:17 UTC 2008

Hi Yann!

Yann Biancheri wrote:

> We are looking at ways to implement whiteboarding over XMPP and we've 
> found lots of interesting proposals in the community already. We are 
> particularly interested in the sxe [1] and sxde [2] ones. It seems that 
> sxde has been written first and has leads to sxe. What we like with sxde 
> is that it is less verbose than sxe since you can directly add an xml 
> element qualified with it's namespaces, attributes, contents whereas in 
> sxe you would have to issue one command to create the element, and one 
> for each of the attributes which in the end result in a lot of xml to 
> send in the XMPP band. On the other hand, sxe is more recent, seems 
> cleaner and more generic.
> We were wondering if there were any other reasons such as protocol flaws 
> behind the move from sxde to sxe?  Or if we could use one or the other 
> eitherway?
> Thanks a lot for the feedback

We'll need to ask Joonas about the history (I've cc'd him in case he's 
not paying attention to this list). If we don't hear from him soon, I'll 
poke him off-list.

I haven't looked at these specs in a while, so I don't recall the 
differences between the versions you've referenced. If we had these 
specs in source control we'd be able to view the diffs more easily, but 
for various reasons we've never published them as XEPs. Personally I 
would have preferred to publish them as a way to encourage more open 
discussion, but the rest of the Council didn't agree with me on that 
back in 2006/2007...


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