[Standards] Best approach for Shared XML editing

Nick Vidal nickvidal at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 16:55:16 UTC 2008


I like SamePlace's approach very much:



On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> Hi Yann!
> Yann Biancheri wrote:
>> We are looking at ways to implement whiteboarding over XMPP and we've
>> found lots of interesting proposals in the community already. We are
>> particularly interested in the sxe [1] and sxde [2] ones. It seems that sxde
>> has been written first and has leads to sxe. What we like with sxde is that
>> it is less verbose than sxe since you can directly add an xml element
>> qualified with it's namespaces, attributes, contents whereas in sxe you
>> would have to issue one command to create the element, and one for each of
>> the attributes which in the end result in a lot of xml to send in the XMPP
>> band. On the other hand, sxe is more recent, seems cleaner and more generic.
>> We were wondering if there were any other reasons such as protocol flaws
>> behind the move from sxde to sxe?  Or if we could use one or the other
>> eitherway?
>> Thanks a lot for the feedback
> We'll need to ask Joonas about the history (I've cc'd him in case he's not
> paying attention to this list). If we don't hear from him soon, I'll poke
> him off-list.
> I haven't looked at these specs in a while, so I don't recall the
> differences between the versions you've referenced. If we had these specs in
> source control we'd be able to view the diffs more easily, but for various
> reasons we've never published them as XEPs. Personally I would have
> preferred to publish them as a way to encourage more open discussion, but
> the rest of the Council didn't agree with me on that back in 2006/2007...
> /psa

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