[Standards] [Fwd: Re: Namespace well-formedness and RFC3920bis backwards compatibility]

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Tue Sep 23 17:23:45 UTC 2008

Sorry, I didn't read the whole thread as I'm on vacation, but it seems  
to me you are talking about the routing of unbound namespaces - a  
problem we have with Gajim at the moment. When we receive an unbound  
namespace, our XML parser will just fail and there's not much we can  
do about that. It's nearly impossible to fix for us, it would require  
changes to Python and pyxmmp, if I looked correctly.

OTOH, it's easy to not route unbound namespaces. There is already a  
patch for ejabberd that does this. The performance loss introduced by  
it is so minimal that you can ignore it. There is a ticket for that  
bug, which I unfortunately don't have handy atm. And I can't look it  
up as I'm writing the message offline.

> Ejabberd
> authors will just say that since there's no "MUST" which ejabberd
> violates then it
> is perfectly XMPP compliant. So, there's no any incentive to fix the  
> bug.

ejabberd authors said last time I spoke to them that if the new,  
revised RFC does not change regarding this aspect, they might apply  
the proposed patch.

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