[Standards] XEP-0198

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Sep 29 19:02:53 UTC 2008

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Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Mon Sep 29 18:47:56 2008, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Dave Cridland wrote:
>> > XMPP does already have a technology in the
>> > Experimental stage, XEP-0198, which is not yet deployed anywhere (but
>> > if PSA updates the namespace to something stable, I might implement
>> > it).
>> I'll get right on that, boss! I've been hoping that my esteemed
>> co-authors (and any interested others) would send me feedback on it,
>> since it's in a pretty raw state. I'll read it over here soon, too.
> Mea Culpa.
> I read it, it looks good, and I was going to implement it as an amusing
> project until I realised I couldn't stick it in our release with a :tmp:
> namespace, hence all that stuff...
> I may find stuff when I get around to implementing it, of course, but at
> a glance, it looks generally good. My only real worry was the namespace
> declaration at the top-level, because in our implementation, that will
> trigger a slower processing of XML in case that's used inside stanzas -
> teaching our implementation what it means, even if we don't implement
> it, will cure it, but I wonder if we can avoid that somehow.

I don't know if the prefixing buys us all that much. Perhaps there was
some mistaken notion that we'd save a ton of bytes. But I don't see a
deep difference between the following:

<a xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:0' b='1'/>

<sm:a b='1'/>

And the added complexity of the prefixing makes the latter more painful,
for many reasons. I'd just as soon remove it entirely.


Peter Saint-Andre

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