[Standards] XEP-0004 Data Forms, and Multiple Submits

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On 7/28/09 8:31 PM, David Maxwell wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 10:54 PM, David Maxwell <david at crlf.net> wrote:
>>> While it's not absolutely critical, it would be nice if there was a
>>> way to implement a form with multiple Submit actions, and a way for
>>> the form processor to distinguish them. This is very similar to a
>>> common problem encountered in designing HTML forms - except in
>>> XMPP, the Submit isn't a form element, it seems to be implicit.
>>> The workflow I'm thinking of is queue processing, where you get a
>>> queue item - fill out the form, and then want to do either Cancel,
>>> Submit, or 'Submit+Next'.
>>> While the '+Next' could be implemented as a checkbox, that still makes
>>> it two clicks instead of one, and is a bit artificial.
>> You should check out XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands.  It sounds like this spec
>> will cover your use case better.  It builds on XEP-0004 to provide a user
>> workflow for forms with actions for submit, next, cancel, prev, finish.
>> While not as flexible as say HTML Forms, it should cover your use case fine
>> and if not, just have a list field for selecting a custom action type.
> I've read that - but I don't think it addresses the case I described.
> The form-server can <actions execute="next">, in which case you get
> a 'Next' button, but no 'Submit and don't take another' button.
> Or, you can send execute="submit" for the opposite case.
> If you do use Next, the server will accept a client's request for
> action="prev" - and let you go back, which wouldn't make sense in a
> 'Submit+Next' form environment, since you can't logicall 'undo' your
> Submit.

I think that XEP-0050 covers your use case, because the responding
entity (which I suppose you could think of as a commands "server") could
refuse to provide a "prev" option at any point in the workflow, thus
giving you submit+next as I understand it from your message.


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