[Standards] XEP-0175 1.2rc1

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 00:45:23 UTC 2009

Howdy, list! I'm Andy Skelton. I work on WordPress.com. I am using a
modified ejabberd to push our posts and comments through pubsub to
cool places like Collecta. Coincidentally you can subscribe to any
WordPress.com blog (e.g. icanhascheezburger.com) by chatting with my
pubsub bot. (See http://support.wordpress.com/jabber/ if you want to
try it.)

I am also experimenting with BOSH to deliver real-time updates to
blogs in the browser. I anticipate looking at a large number of
anonymous BOSH connections and wanting to know which blogs they are
looking at without having to look up their pubsub subscriptions. If
the client could specify a resource I could stash information there...

As it turns out, ejabberd's SASL anonymous module supports
client-specified resource binding. A two-line tweak to strophe.js is
all it took to get it working. I emailed the change to Jack Moffitt,
who pointed me to XEP-0175 1.2rc1, which states:

"After a client authenticates using the SASL ANONYMOUS mechanism, it
MUST bind a resource; the server SHOULD ignore the resource identifier
provided by the client (if any) and instead assign a resource
identifier that it generates on behalf of the client."

Why shouldn't the server bind the resource provided by the client?


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