[Standards] XEP-0030 - to attribute required?

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Aug 19 09:54:31 UTC 2009

I happened to go near our XEP-0030 code today, and noticed the  
following comment:

    /* MUST have a to */

My immedaite reaction was that this has to be nonsense - after all, a  
C2S session needn't have a to attribute on an <iq/>, it means the  
same as the client's own bare jid.

But it's there in the spec, too - section 3.1 has:

"the 'to' address is REQUIRED and MUST contain a valid JID"

Why is this? Should it be there? (For what it's worth, I'm not even  
sure it *can* be there - XEP-0030 can't change <iq/> semantics).

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