[Standards] Adding countrycode to XEP-0080: User Location

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Aug 27 17:25:54 UTC 2009

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On 8/27/09 5:21 AM, Jason wrote:
>> You should probably re-read the spec: all the fields are optional.  You
>> can also provide a time, a uri and you have text and description fields
>> at your disposition if the other ones are too restrictive.
> true you can provide a time and a uri, but neither are documented with
> any intent to BE a location. They are strictly ancillary data. I guess
> they could be kludged to represent the wrong thing in a closed private
> system but that doesnt sound like a good idea.

We can always improve the documentation.

>> I understand that this was strictly designed with Earth locations in
>> mind though. :)
> indeed - this is also a problem. the spec should take into account non
> Earth based locations, 

Once off-Earth living becomes a reality, we can write a new spec. This
is for geolocation, where "geo" is from the Greek word γη meaning "Earth".

> as well as virtual locations (in virtual online
> worlds, and websites etc), or custom concepts of location. Basically
> anything modern English useage allows us to say we are somewhere - see u
> on myspace/facebook/someBarInSecondLife etc.

We can define a different namespace for such things. Remember, the "X"
in XMPP stands for "Extensible"!


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