[Standards] XEP-0047: IBB without Disco support

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Sun Aug 30 17:46:59 UTC 2009

> There is not a single mention of SI inside 0047.

There's also no mention of SI in the SOCKS5 protocol description ;-)
The dependency flows in the other direction.

XEP-0047 doesn't have any use on its own AFAIK. All XEP 47 talks about
is getting chunks of data from one point to another. It doesn't say
what type of data you're sending, or what it's used for. Used on its
own, all you could do as a client is pop up something saying "There's
some data coming from contact X. Not sure what it is, but would you
like me to: a) dump it to a file (and cross my fingers that the data
stream ever ends) b) try to play it as a .mpeg video. c) try to play
it as an MP3 audio file. d) ...". You get the picture.


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