[Standards] XEP-0255: Location Query

Helge Timenes helge at buddycloud.com
Wed Feb 4 16:24:47 UTC 2009

I'm still thinking about this one. Granted ip address is useful in determining location, and adding a new beacon type is a painless update. But i feel it is a bit silly to call it a 'beacon'. Cell towers, wifi access points and bluetooth devices are all radio transmitters, so in a very true sense radio frequency beacons. IP address? Not so much...

Add a new beacon type, or de-generalize <beacon> into <cell>,<wifi>, <bluetooth>, <ip> ? The latter seems more correct, but is of course a backwards compatibility breaking change. Do any one have an opinion or preference?

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Subject: Re: [Standards] XEP-0255: Location Query
From: "Stephen Pendleton" <pendleto at movsoftware.com>
Date: 04/02/2009 16:49

Also, can you add "ip" as one of the beacon types in Table 2? That would
cover one of the use cases.


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Thanks. Will fix ;-)

Helge Timenes

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Subject: [Standards] XEP-0255: Location Query
From: Daniel Willmann <daniel at totalueberwachung.de>
Date: 03/02/2009 11:24


I just noticed an inconsistency between the query tags at
http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0255.html#examples and the format
specification at http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0255.html#format.

Example 1 uses tags named latitude and longitude, but the format specifies
them as lat and lon. Since XEP-80 also uses lat and lon I'm guessing that
the example is wrong, but still better not to confuse people. :-)

Daniel Willmann


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