[Standards] DEFERRED: XEP-0209 (Metacontacts)

Jiří Zárevúcký zarevucky.jiri at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 13:11:57 UTC 2009

Are there any news on this?

2009/1/23 Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>:
> Kevin Smith wrote:
>> 009/1/23 Jiří Zárevúcký <zarevucky.jiri at gmail.com>:
>>>> Really, if this is something that is going to be discussed, then you should
>>>> just allow for extra XML namespaces under each <item> in the roster.
>>> I was thinking about this and it really starts to seem to me like the
>>> best idea of this entire thread.
>> Yes, storing arbitrary data in the roster would be tremendously
>> useful. Really stonkingly useful.
> I was talking with someone else about that recently. Perhaps we can
> discuss it at FOSDEM with some server developers. Rosters are so core to
> everything that we need to tread carefully here, but the benefits could
> be significant...
> /psa

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