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Brett Zamir brettz9 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 04:09:28 UTC 2009


Just curious about whether Service Discovery, specifically Service Discovery Extensions, were looked at to handle such versioning information? I think Disco Extensions would be especially suitable (and not create the need for more specs), especially if, as we all discussed here earlier, Data Forms could be adapted to change the <field var>'s into full namespaces while foregoing FORM_TYPE <field/>'s, or, to save potentially on bandwidth (and introducing some more orderliness), allow multiple FORM_TYPE <field/>'s, say changing the FORM_TYPE value child into an attribute and adding the <field/>'s in that namespace as children, rather than as siblinsg, of the FORM_TYPE <field/>). 

While making such a change might be somewhat painful, I think it is a growing pain which would allow for much greater growth into the future, and one which would, I think, be ideal to get out of the way now rather than later. Data Forms, as such a necessary and otherwise brilliant specification (especially in combination with Data Forms Validation) is, imo, crying out to remove this last hurdle for greater extensibility... (and perhaps solve the issue in this thread in the process) :)

best wishes,

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