[Standards] IBB revisions

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Sat Feb 21 19:03:55 UTC 2009

On Thursday 19 February 2009 18:47:28 Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> As promised at the XMPP Summit, I've been working on some revisions to
> XEP-0047 (In-Band Bytestreams). The changes consist of clarifying packet
> processing and error handling, adding more examples, recommending IQs
> over messages, correcting the schemas, etc. You can review the changes
> in process here:
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0047-1.2.html

Nice modernization. :)

There's no explanation about how to use <message>.  It looks like the example 
usage was removed.

"If enabled by the application that uses IBB, the parties MAY negotiate 
multiple SessionIDs for the same bytestream, however such methods are out of 
scope for this specification."  Would these really be multiple sessionIDs for 
the same bytestream, or simply multiple bytestreams?  I get that this text is 
to allow/warn for XEP-261, but I'm not sure if it is right or needed.

Also, some typos:
  "Because IBB provides a generic bytestream, so its usage is open-ended."
  "(which SHOULD math the NMTOKEN datatype)"


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