[Standards] various rfc3920bis feedback

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Feb 25 19:22:29 UTC 2009

Dave Cridland wrote:
>> There is no 'subsequent' auth with 0178 yet, is there?
>> There are three different options:
>> 1) do 0178 and add subsequent auth (including graceful failure)
>> 2) do 0178 for the first authorization and use piggybacking (with
>>    graceful failure again) for subsequent authorization... err...
>>    verification
>> 3) ignore any 0178 offers and do piggybacking for everything.
>>    Might be a problem if servers require 0178 and really mean it.
> I'm thinking we aim for (3), with signalling as required.

Because of the fallback to (some kind of) dialback for sender
verification if x509 does not work?

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