[Standards] roster views

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Sat Feb 28 14:30:31 UTC 2009


Jonathan Schleifer wrote:

> I think it's a bad idea to filter the presence on that part of the
> roster that is retreived. For example, you might have 2000 people who
> all should see you so they can ask you stuff etc. But you got only
> about 10 people in whose presence you are interested, because you
> maybe want to start a discussion with them. It would be bad if only
> those could see you then, becase you are still ok with the others
> seeing you and asking you stuff if you have questions.

I think the main use case is really to restrict your roster (and
presence to a few group). Personnally, that's what refrain me to connect
on XMPP sometimes, I want to talk with someone in a company group, but
will not be able / have time / be convenient talking to friends or other
types of contact.
The idea is really that on mobile, you might want to start a quick adhoc
session that will be limited to a target group.

What you suggest can be done by retrieving the roster normally and
enabling a privacy rule.

> Oh, and we need a way to retrieve the list of groups before we can
> specify which groups we want to receive, I think.

Yes. I agree.

Mickaël Rémond

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