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Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Sat Feb 28 15:50:20 UTC 2009

Am 28.02.2009 um 15:30 schrieb Mickael Remond:

> I think the main use case is really to restrict your roster (and
> presence to a few group). Personnally, that's what refrain me to  
> connect
> on XMPP sometimes, I want to talk with someone in a company group, but
> will not be able / have time / be convenient talking to friends or  
> other
> types of contact.
> The idea is really that on mobile, you might want to start a quick  
> adhoc
> session that will be limited to a target group.

That should be achieved by other means IMO. For example, you could  
only retrieve the roster group you are interested in and use a privacy  
list so that only this roster group receives your presence. The  
privacy list could also block incoming presences.

> What you suggest can be done by retrieving the roster normally and
> enabling a privacy rule.

No, what I mean is simply not retrieving the whole roster. For  
example, I could have a group "Bots" that I'm not interested in, but  
which need to see my status. So why retrieve them as part of the  
roster then?

I think retrieving only a part of the roster should not change  
anything regarding presence.


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