[Standards] roster views

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Sat Feb 28 16:57:45 UTC 2009

Am 28.02.2009 um 17:44 schrieb Mickael Remond:

> End user do not seems to understand privacy lists, and most of all  
> they
> need to make the effort of building them. They need to have build the
> privacy list before being able to do what I described.
> This suppose planning that seems to go beyond what most users are  
> wanting
> to do, as opposed to "Oups, I absolutely need to talk to our sysadmin
> let's have a quick chat", which is very common and I guess users would
> love being able to do.

I agree that we need an alternative for privacy lists - but this is  
definitely not partial roster retrival‼

> This sounds like a client side feature to me:
> - Client should only display part of the roster you want to see (for
> example one groups).
> - Client should use the cached version of the roster on the
> client to avoid downloading it.

I would still need to get the whole roster to get updates - not a good  
idea IMO. Why would I download stuff I'm not interested in? That's  
just wasting traffic and CPU power :).


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