[Standards] Gateway behavior regarding nicknames and custom status

Zenek zenek.k at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 21:42:01 UTC 2009


Dne st 31. prosince 2008 Matt Campbell napsal(a):
> Hello from an XMPP newcomer:
> However, it is sometimes
> desirable to set one's nickname and custom status on the legacy network
> independently.  Is such a feature beyond the intended scope of XMPP
> gateways, or is this an area that has simply not been considered and
> discussed?  I've verified that XEP-0100 doesn't cover this topic.  I'd
> appreciate any thoughts or clarifications.
> Thanks,
> Matt

For changing the status, it should be enough to send custom presence directly 
to the gateway JID (set the to= of the presence stanza, some clients support 
it, in others you might have to use the XML console).

For the nickname part, I think this is the gateway's business, so as long as 
it reads it from the vCard there's little you can do (patching the pyMSN-t 
for instance).

I hope that helps.

Have a nice day,
Zenon Kuder

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