[Standards] XMPP and RTMFP

Javier Cerviño Arriba jcague at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 03:10:53 UTC 2009


I am a Ph. D student at Department of Telematics Engineering in  
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I have researched for one year in  
videoconferencing systems based on RTMP and Flash technologies. But  
now, I am working in a new protocol known as RTMFP which is an Adobe  
Systems private protocol that can be used to send peer-to-peer video  
and audio streams. I want to research into a scenario that joins both  
RTMFP (as the transport) and Jingle/XMPP as the signaling layer.

I have already started an early proposal draft based on XEP-0177  
(Jingle Raw UDP Transport), it can be used to better understand the  


I think that it is an interesting architecture but I would like some  
feedback from the community.

Thank you in advance.


Javier Cerviño.

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