[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0245 (The /me Command)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jan 7 23:24:00 UTC 2009

Matthew Wild wrote:

> Something occurred to me the other day (and I was annoyed because I
> thought this XEP finalised). Some clients struggle to agree about how
> to handle /me at the same time as XHTML-IM. The main question is
> whether they should send the /me message in XHTML as they would
> present it ("* John does this") (often in another colour too), or
> whether they send the unprocessed "/me does this" text.
> When the latter, this requires receiving clients to process incoming
> XHTML-IM messages for /me commands. Most clients also add their own
> colour and style to actions, if they are to be consistent with
> plaintext messages, but should these styles override the styles set by
> the sender?
> I don't know what the best solution is, but I think it is quite
> desirable to have some mention of this issue in the XEP, and a
> recommended behaviour.

We discussed it here:


Conclusion: the XHTML could have formatting such as the following:

<p style='color:green'>/me disagrees</p>

But the XHTML SHOULD NOT or MUST NOT do this:

<p style='color:green'>*stpeter disagrees</p>


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