[Standards] IQ routing question

Yann Biancheri ybiancheri at wimba.com
Thu Jan 8 09:22:11 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

We have a client which is sending muc member list IQs  to a remote  
server before sending his initial presence. The problem I have, is  
that the IQ result is not routed by my server back to me. As far as I  
can tell this seems to be compliant with the RFC.
The client is also sending the same muc member list IQ to a locally  
hosted muc. Under these conditions my server implementation route the  
response back to me.

So I'm just wondering a few things:
- shouldn't the behavior be the same wether the MUC room is hosted on  
my server or a remote one?
- is it an error to send IQs (other than the roster IQ) to my server  
or a remote one before I've sent my initial presence?
- shouldn't my server route IQ result of IQ's I've sent?

Thanks for your time


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