[Standards] IQ routing question

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jan 8 10:03:31 UTC 2009

On Thu Jan  8 09:22:11 2009, Yann Biancheri wrote:
> We have a client which is sending muc member list IQs  to a remote   
> server before sending his initial presence. The problem I have, is   
> that the IQ result is not routed by my server back to me. As far as  
> I  can tell this seems to be compliant with the RFC.

Ah... RFC 3921 said "an available resource", whereas rfc3921bis  
changes this to "an available or connected resource". So the server  
needs changing. It'd probably benefit the client to send presence  
first, though, if it's going to send it at all.

> The client is also sending the same muc member list IQ to a locally  
>  hosted muc. Under these conditions my server implementation route  
> the  response back to me.
> So I'm just wondering a few things:
> - shouldn't the behavior be the same wether the MUC room is hosted  
> on  my server or a remote one?

Yes - strictly speaking, the MUC room is located on a remote service,  
whether this service happens to be part of the local server or not.

> - is it an error to send IQs (other than the roster IQ) to my  
> server  or a remote one before I've sent my initial presence?

Once you're bound, you can do what you like. The only caveat is that  
<iq/> stanzas of type set or get might not get through, but these  
should cause a stanza error.

> - shouldn't my server route IQ result of IQ's I've sent?
It should route <iq/> type result/error through to you all the time.

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