[Standards] FW: [xmppwg] Proposed XMPP BOF in San Francisco

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Jan 20 20:25:48 UTC 2009

FYI, Alexey Melnikov posted as follows to the xmppwg at xmpp.org list
earlier today.

As I see it, this BOF would not necessarily result in chartering of
another XMPP-related Working Group at the IETF, although that is one
possible outcome. Mostly we think it's time to remind IETF folks that
XMPP work continues, ask for their help in completing the bis drafts,
and figure out if further work is needed or desired at the IETF.



After talking to Peter Saint-Andre, Dave Cridland and various other
folks, there is a proposal to hold a BOF session during the San
Francisco IETF (March 22-27, 2009).

Peter Saint-Andre suggested that this mailing list can be reused for the
BOF discussion.

Based on feedback from Peter and Dave here is a draft proposal for a
list of documents/topics to discuss during the BOF:

1). Base spec revision - recent changes and how IETF can help  improve
the document
2). XMPP interop report (draft-saintandre-xmpp-feature-set)
3). Mapping between XMPP and SIMPLE (draft-saintandre-sip-xmpp-core- *
4). Mobile XMPP optimizations
5). IDNA and stringprep in RFC 3920 vs.  IDNAbis and improved  Unicode
handling or "profiling" in rfc3920bis
6). BOSH
7). XMPP server MIB
8). "Client Certificate Management for SASL EXTERNAL" (XEP-0257) and
other  certificate related stuff (e.g. XEP-0250)
9). end-to-end encryption
10). Security labels in XMPP
11). Discuss cooperation between XSF and IETF

Comments are on the list are very welcome.



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