[Standards] Fwd: Minutes 2009-01-21

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Fri Jan 30 07:30:44 UTC 2009

Hi Nick,

> In such a system, contributors can sign up and post commentary/patches
> directly to individual extension docs, and modifications can be
> imported by whoever has commit access.

Well, IMO, the current system works pretty well: all discussions on
specs happen in one place (the standards mailing list), and patches
(for typos etc.) are sent to the maintainer directly, or to the list.
If there would be more ways of discussing and/or submitting patches,
it would become a lot harder for people to follow (and a lot easier to
miss things) i think.

I guess it *could* work if the comments and patches were relayed to
the list, and replies were automatically attached to the XEP's
discussion thread. But sooner or later, you will have someone breaking
the thread anyway, the thread going into other directions, or talking
about other XEPs, and then this system breaks as well.


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