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Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-standards at webkeks.org
Thu Jun 4 02:34:45 UTC 2009

Am 04.06.2009 um 04:00 schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:

> Nothing says that we can't finish things sooner than defined by the
> milestones on the charter (I'm not quite sure how those got defined,
> because I think we can finish sooner, but Working Group chairs and  
> Area Directors tend to be conservative about milestones).

That's good to hear and quite a relief. The current situation of  
having only XEP-0027 for E2E encryption is quite limiting.

> Feel free to help in that effort instead of continually beating the  
> dead horse of
> ESessions. Indeed, once I convert XEP-0210 to an Internet-Draft that
> specifies our requirements, you are free to write an Internet-Draft  
> that
> proposes ESessions as the preferred direction for end-to-end  
> encryption
> to meet those requirements (yes, the IETF is an open standards
> organization!).

I'm not quite familiar with how such processes at the IETF work, but  
if my time allows me to, I will look how the process works and help  
where I can. (Keep in mind I have no PhD in cryptography, my only  
concern was that we were reinventing the wheel because we already had  
stuff that even works. I'm fine with another standard than ESessions,  
but no matter which standard it will be, it needs to get done ASAP.  
We've been talking about this for over a year already and there's  
still no standard everybody agreed on, not even to talk about a client  
implementing it).


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