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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jun 22 22:52:49 UTC 2009

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On 6/18/09 1:25 AM, Mads Randstoft wrote:
> We use XMPP as communications layer in a larger service system build as
> a cloud system with many autonomous services that work together to
> perform a service. All of the communication for the service RPCs are
> done using ad-hoc commands with XEP-0244 (iodata) as payload. What I
> propose for a std. is the extension we are currently working on together
> with Tigase. "Store and Forward of ad-hoc+iodata" stanzas.
> We found that we needed a way to ensure delivery of some commands even
> in the face of offline recipients, takeing the offline messages as basic
> idea, we are designing an addon for XMPP servers that will allow
> specified <iq><command> stanzas to offline clients to be stored in case
> of client being offline and sent to the client when this client again
> comes online. Since not all commands should be stored, it must be
> possible to configure which types of commands are stored, based on
> command nodes.
> I would like any comments, ideas and input of any kind, on this proposition.

Don't you receive an error if the intended recipient is offline when you
send the IQ?


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