[Standards] Idea for std. Being implemented here @ wirelessfactory

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Jun 23 08:31:35 UTC 2009

On Thu Jun 18 08:25:22 2009, Mads Randstoft wrote:
> We found that we needed a way to ensure delivery of some commands  
> even
> in the face of offline recipients, takeing the offline messages as  
> basic
> idea, we are designing an addon for XMPP servers that will allow
> specified <iq><command> stanzas to offline clients to be stored in  
> case
> of client being offline and sent to the client when this client  
> again
> comes online. Since not all commands should be stored, it must be
> possible to configure which types of commands are stored, based on
> command nodes.

If I recall right, the authors of IO Data also had ideas about  
long-running commands - is this the kind of thing you mean? (As in,  
commands which take a sufficiently long time to execute that clients  
might go offline, come back later, and check on progress). At least,  
I vaguely recall this subject coming up before - in any case, a  
structure for doing that would be worthwhile if there's support for  

If you're saying that you want command requests to be queued offline,  
then yes, as Pedro says, you want queueing.

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