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On 5/13/09 4:07 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> Folks,
> There's been, for a few weeks now, a discussion in the IETF about
> providing a good framework for IETF meetings - mostly "interim"
> meetings, which are meetings of around 30 people.
> The idea is to find product and/or technology to do these effectively.
> This is *not* a new protocol development team, this is purely
> infrastructure, but I'm sending this to Standards@ as well as jdev@ to
> get a better audience - if the vMeet people were given the suggestion of
> "download FooClient" this would be a fine response, and actually
> preferable to "Implement XEP-9945". Still, I'd prefer, personally, to
> have some open standards, as well as implementation.
> The IETF has, for some time, used XEP-0045 to handle the text-based
> conferencing. The interesting question to me is whether we could get a
> few additional features relatively easily deployed in support of what
> they need.
> It looks like:
> 1) Multiway VOIP (with mixers).
> 2) Floor control, of some form. (Probably only affecting VOIP). This is
> basically to emulate the "queue at the microphone", and the concept of a
> "chair" (ie, "chairman") and various "presenters", in serial.
> 3) Slide sharing. I'm actually seriously thinking that what they need is
> the simple ability to have a file sharing thing going on, then say what
> page of the PDF is "currently shown".
> 4) Whiteboarding. Although it pains me to even mention the word, given
> what seems to happen every time the subject is raised.
> Does anyone have anything that does all this already?

I don't know of any XMPP-based system that does multiway VoIP (a.k.a.
Mingle), floor control (seems like it would be fairly straightforward to
define a protocol extension for this), slide sharing (attach file to
room and use "MEP" or even just in-room messages to provide cues about
which page is current), and whiteboarding. Heck, I don't know of any
systems that do even one of those things, other than perhaps low-level
whiteboarding if you're using the right client.


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