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On 5/14/09 4:32 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Yesterday while Jack Moffitt was in Denver, Joe Hildebrand and I worked
> with him on a method for registering stanza handlers with the server so
> that the client can ask the server to deliver only certain kinds of
> stanzas. This could be used for the kind of "hush" functionality we
> discussed in Brussels a few months ago. A very early version is here:
> http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sift.html
> The technology will be extensible, so that in the future people could
> add things like regular expression matching or XPath. However, those
> advanced methods are not yet part of the spec.
> Please send along your feedback!

On the jdev at jabber.org list, Jack Moffitt wrote...

> I have a few comments on http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sift.html
> The namespace seems to have retained its roots instead of using sift.

Not sure what you mean here.

> I think when a client registers for presence, that is the time
> when the server should do presence probes.

You are correct.

> I think adding a default attribute to //register/iq is desireable,
> and it would work as such:
> default='deny' would mean that the child elements constitute a
> whitelist.  default='allow' would mean they constitute a blacklist.
> If we think the blacklist use case is not very compelling, then it
> may be better to keep it simple.

It seems to me that treating SIFT as functionally equivalent to
registering a handler seems like the way to go, rather than having the
kinds of "zebra lists" (blacklist/whitelist) that we have XEP-0016.

> Some note should be made that if we register for a subset of iqs,
> it becomes the server's rsponsibility to respond to unregistered
> namespaces so that we remain compliant with 3920.

Naturally. I'll add a note about that.


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