[Standards] interop testing effort

Artur Hefczyc artur.hefczyc at tigase.org
Tue May 19 14:52:55 UTC 2009


>> These are just simple text files describing what has to be sent
>> to the server and what is expected as a response. The TTS is
>> written in Java and part of the TTS code is a loader for these .cot
>> files.
> Do you parse those text strings and compare the resulting XML  
> elements?
> Otherwise, this will be pretty limited to one server, as it will  
> even fail if you use
> " instead of ' or vice versa. It's still standard-compliant then,  
> but different.

Maybe it's my fault as I said "these are just simple text files".
In some way they are but they contain XML stanza to send and receive
and the stanza contain also variables which can be replaced based on
some configuration settings.

What exactly happens with these files is just matter of implementation  
and I
didn't want to talk about implementation. But in case of Tigase Test  
Suite, yes
they are loaded and parsed as XML elements. So the comparison is done
between 2 XML elements not between 2 strings of characters.

Artur Hefczyc

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