[Standards] S5B and proxy connect errors

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Thu Nov 12 16:20:46 UTC 2009

Marcus Lundblad wrote:
> A has access to a proxy.
> At this point A will try to connect to the proxy in order to activate
> the bytestream, but this will fail since A's firewall blocks port 7777.

OK, the problem is a A THINKS it has access to a proxy but that is not
the case. A never tried if the proxy works.

> I think adding an additional <transport-info/> tag with a value such as
> "proxy-error" would be appropriate in this situation. This would be the
> opposite of the "activated" action. This could also be used, if for some
> reason activating the bytestream failed (such as the wrong hash being
> used).
> What do you think?

I guess you are right. What do other people think? IMHO a proxy error
similar to activated seems to be a good idea.

If everything goes like planed, I will finish my thesis next week and
will have more XMPP time by than and can update XEP0260 (as well as
other specs still on my todo list).


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