[Standards] XEP-0065 v1.8rc2

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Apr 13 14:19:04 UTC 2010

Yesterday while on jury duty I had some time to review XEP-0065 again,
and as a result made some further fixes.

The changelog from 1.7 is as follows:

    * Removed zeroconf attribute.
    * Changed Initiator to Requester for consistency with Jingle use cases.
    * Removed 'sid' attribute from address query examples because it is
unnecessary in that use case.
    * Removed the anomalous Formal Use Case text for consistency with
all other XEPs.
    * Refactored the text in various ways to make it more readable.
    * Added text about use in Multi-User Chat, including new 'dstaddr'
    * Removed requirement that the StreamHost should not drop any bytes
sent before the bytestream is activated, since that behavior introduced
the possibility of a denial of service attack.
    * Removed length limit on 'sid' attribute.
    * Defined the security considerations in a more thorough manner.

The diff from 1.7 is here:


The diff from 1.8rc1 is here:


The rendered file is here:


The major change is a new 'dstaddr' attribute, which the Requester can
include in its initiation message to the Target in cases where the
Requester doesn't know the real JID of the Target or the Target does not
know the real JID of the Requester (e.g., when sending the initiation
request through a MUC room). Details here:


I think that change addresses the MUC use case, but I would welcome
discussion on this list to make sure that we're on the right track.
(Yes, there are security issues with that approach, but I don't think
they're any worse than they were before!)

Next I'll fix up XEP-0260 and XEP-0261, plus review XEP-0047 again and
perhaps make some fixes to XEP-0234 as well. The intent is to complete
this task on the XSF Roadmap:

   Improve XMPP file transfer by transitioning to Jingle (see XEP-0234)
   with SOCKS5 bytestreams (XEP-0260) and in-band bytestreams



Peter Saint-Andre

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