[Standards] XEP-0080 interoperability

Stephen Pendleton pendleto at movsoftware.com
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>If you're just asking how you can have two different microblogs for the
>person with different ACLs, then that's an interesting (and different)
>question.  We could (for example) define a XEP119-like pointer schema
>just includes JID+Node, and maybe some descriptive text), and leave those
>pointers in the well-defined microblog node.  Interested parties could try
>to explicitly subscribe to those other JID+nodes if they wanted to.

Actually one of things I was asking is how can you have different people
have microblogs which are referenced by the pubsub node
"urn:xmpp:microblog:0". However it does seem based on this discussion you
can send subscription requests to JIDs like:  

<iq type='set'
    from='francisco at denmark.lit/barracks'
    to='juliet at shakespeare.lit'
  <pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'>
        jid='francisco at denmark.lit'/>

This will (supposedly) subscribe fransico at denmark.lit to
Juliet at shakespeare.lit microblog. If this isn't the case then there is an
issue. XEP-0060 always shows the pubsub service as the "to" JID in the
examples, so it isn't clear if the above is really supported.


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